Health care insurers now booking directly into your clinic diary, a massive cost effectiveness move for the industry.

In an industry first Bupa, the UK’s largest health care insurer, is now using a direct booking system to make appointments directly into clinic diaries.

Developed by TM2, Pronto is a direct booking system that streamlines the referral process by allowing referrers to securely book patients directly into a clinics diary in real time. Appointment dates and times will still remain under the clinic control as the referrer will only see the appointments that you have made available for their patients – all other diary activities will be hidden.

BUPA is the first insurance company to go live with the system but other  insurance companies are currently trialing the system and TM2 are optimistic that they will choose to use the system as well.

How does it work?

  • Bupa will send the referral safely and securely into your TM2 system
  • The patient’s record will be created automatically
  • The initial appointment will be booked directly into your diary in real time
  • The patient’s confirmed authorisation code will also be included in the appointment booking so you can be confident that you will have no problems billing for the work carried out.
  • This is all done quickly and automatically with no need for you or your clinic staff to be involved.

What does this mean for clinicians?

From a clinicians point of view, you will now be able to receive referral bookings directly into your diary without needing to be involved at all, so the reduction in admin is huge. Also, Bupa want to eventually move all their bookings online so essentially clinics should get on board now to ensure they are in the position to be able to receive bookings going forward.

Getting set-up with Pronto and TM2

If you would like to know more about how TM2 and Pronto can help you, contact the TM2 sales team on 028 90 998 697 or email: [email protected]

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