Join us and the Physiotherapy Pain Association to populate the pain section of Physiopedia

If your looking for an innovative way to continue your professional development in the topic of pain look no further!!  In a new partnership Physiopedia and the Physiotherapy Pain Association (PPA) have come together to populate the pain section of Physiopedia.

The PPA, a clinical interest group of the CSP in the UK, has created an educational project has in Physiopedia to support CPD in pain related topics.  Any physiotherapist or physical therapist is invited to join members of the PPA people to create and update pain related pages in Physiopedia.  This collaborative project, ‘The Pain Project‘ aims to bring many people with a special interest in pain together to create a thorough evidence based resource on pain.

This is a great way to complete your CPD requirements as well as contributing to the largest global resource for our profession.  With much of the direction for this project being guided by the new IASP Curriculum Outline on Pain for Physical Therapy the PPA intends to populate the site with practical, credible and thought-provoking information on the science of pain, its assessment and management.

Any one is welcome to join in this project. You will be joining people from all over the world in contributing evidence based articles to create an evidence based reference on Pain.  In return for your efforts you will receive a certificate of completion to help you evidence your learning through your involvement with this project.

Find out more about this project from the PPA

Go to The PPA Pain Project