Comparison of the Effects on Dynamic Balance Ability of Warming up in Water Versus on the Ground

This research was designed to discover how the so-called “dynamic balance” is affected by doing different types of warm up exercises. In particular, the research is focused on the difference in the effect on dynamic Balance of warming up in water versus on the ground. Twenty healthy adults were the subjects of this study, with 10 people assigned each to two groups, one warming up in water and the other warming up on the ground. The dynamic balance was measured for all subjects prior to the warm up. The group warming up on the ground conducted active stretching on the ground, and the group warming up in water conducted stretching in water by using water as resistance. The results indicate that warming up in water has a more significant effect on a subject’s dynamic balance than warming up on the ground.
The group who warmed up in water, making use of the viscosity and flow of the water, showed better balance than the group warming up on the ground. Warming up in water, which naturally provides resistance, should be used in warm-up routines in the future.