Read 4 Credit Quizzing in Physiopedia

Did you know that you can take quizzes in Physiopedia and if you pass, get a certificate to prove your knowledge?

We are now developing quizzes to go with every page in Physiopedia (there are currently around 1700 pages in Physiopedia so it’s going to take a while!!).  For each quiz, you can study the related Physiopedia page and then take a quiz to demonstrate your understanding.  On passing the quiz you will be awarded a certificate to prove your knowledge which can be added to your professional portfolio.  This is a great way to boost your knowledge and spend time learning to satisfy your professional development requirements.

Try a quiz.

To take part in this quizzing for credit experience you will need to be a Physiopedia member.  Membership is not expensive and comes with many other benefits including:

  • monthly learn topics which include free book chapters, journal articles and interviews with experts
  • technique video library with over 500 videos on assessment and treatment techniques
  • exclusive product offers such as 80% discount on Primal Picture’s Interactive Functional Anatomy and 50% discount on PhysioTools exercise software
  • resource library with freely accessible book chapters, audio interviews, journal articles
  • monthly evidence updates straight to your inbox

An annual subscription costs $120/£70/€86 with discounts for low and middle income countries (classification according to the World Bank).  Low income countries get FREE membership, lower middle a 60% discount and upper middle a 30% discount.

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