Writing for Publication – An Interview with Chad Cook, Editor of Manual Therapy Journal

If you are interested in getting your work published in the physiotherapy and physical therapy literature our new series on writing for publication is for you! In combination with our new page in Physiopedia – Writing for Publication – we will be collaborating with Professor Chad Cook, Associate Editor of Manual Therapy Journal, to bring you a series of interviews with current authors of published research as well as ongoing tips to write for publication.

To get this series started we interviewed Chad in relation to his role as Associate Editor of Manual Therapy Journal.  Chad is Professor with the Division of Physical Therapy at Duke University.  His evidence-based writing includes two books, over 165 peer-reviewed publications and he has received multiple awards in teaching and writing.

In the interview Chad tells us about his own research that he does into manual therapy and predictive validity studies for surgery. With respect to his experience as Editor of a number of journals, such as JMMT and Physical Therapy, he discusses the editorial process and how individuals can get involved in publishing their research. He has some great advice for new authors including how to tailor your papers for particular journals and where you can find the information to help you do this.

Following the audio interview Chad will be interviewing some of the authors from Manual Therapy about their research and advice to new authors about the publication process.  We are looking forward to publishing those here on Physiospot and hope that they will encourage a new era of researchers and published authors.

Now, enjoy the interview with Chad….

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