Breathing pattern disorders, not just for respiratory therapists!

This month we have two learn topics for you!  The first is about Breathing Pattern Disorders, otherwise known as Dysfunctional Breathing.  It is often reported that around 10% of patients in a population are diagnosed with hyperventilation syndrome, a condition at the extreme end of the dysfunctional breathing scale. However, far more people have a more subtle, yet likely clinically significant, breathing pattern disorder.  These breathing disorders can mimic many pain presentations including back and neck pain.  It is therefore very important that we are aware of the potential for this to be a part of our clients presentation so that we can manage them effectively.

In task one we explore dysfunctional breathing and find out what it is.  Tasks two and three are all about exploring assessment and treatment options.  Then we’ll listen to an interview from the master himself, Leon Chaitow and also explore a number of open access resources to expand our knowledge.  Finally there is the option to take a quiz at the end of the topic, on passing this quiz you will be able to download your own certificate of completion to prove your knowledge of dysfunctional breathing.

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