Are you aware it’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week?

One person in every 500 has Parkinson’s, that’s about 127,000 people in the UK. Symptoms and how quickly they progress are different for everyone. There’s currently no cure, but drugs and treatments are available to manage many of the symptoms.

For Parkinsons’ Awareness Week we’d like to highlight the fantastic contribution that the Association of Physiotherapists in Parkinson’s Disease: Europe (APPDE) have made to Physiopedia.

Through their project to develop the Parkinson’s section of Physiopedia we have an amazing set of resources on the topic:

The Parkinsons Disease section, and the linked pages, have been collated by Board members of the APPDE.  Much of the material has been sourced from work undertaken by individual members of the Board that have informed chapters and papers they have written relating to physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s, including the European Physiotherapy Guideline (which is currently out for public review). The European Guideline is evidence-informed from global work; it is a collaborative document using the expertise of physiotherapists and people with Parkinson’s across several countries both inside and outside of Europe, plus has an extensive reference list providing the sources of information – it is, as is the contribution to Physiopedia, a truly internationally developed resource for Parkinsons’s Disease.

There’s much more to Parkinson’s than people think, give a moment of your time to understand. Watch this short film from Parkinson’s UK, read through the pages on Physiopedia and help spread the word.  You may learn something new that you can contribute to the management of an individual with Parkinson’s Disease or when your next client with undiagnosed Parkinson’s might come walking through the door!