Offering excellent treatment and measuring it with a management software

Are you a practitioner? Do you evaluate outcomes? Are you using a software to establish progression? Clinics are often faced with challenges during the treatment of patients, such as offering quality care within specific time constraints, as well as delivering on high expectations and deal with impatience of clients for quick results. Education, communication and information is key. In order to assist in the treatment plan and to achieve such expectations and achieve measurable outcomes, professionals are using management software to set and communicate with their patients. Professionals are able to present progression goals, by date, and provide custom exercise programs directly to their clients via a software, such as Clinicmaster. These exercise programs can be accessed by the client via a “cloud” portal, by e-mail or by a simple PDF print out.  The professionals can even record their clients with the use of an iPad/tablet or any video device, make this part of the client’s electronic chart, which will assist in keeping track of progression and goals.

Current users of Clinicmaster are able to analyze items such as treatment duration, treatment revenues, as well as statistics on patients who have not returned to the clinic for the full treatment or before being discharged. Outcome measures and patient returning ratio of the clinic are easily accessed as part of the standard features in Clinicmaster software.