Welcoming DJO Global as a new Gold Partner

As a regular reader of Physiospot you will know that we greatly appreciate the support that our partners provide in allowing us to keep Physiopedia a free and open resource.  In return we like to present these socially responsible companies to you.  DJO Global is a global company that develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality medical devices and services that provide solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management. Some of their brands you will certainly recognise in Compex, Donjoy and Aircast, plus many familiar electrotherapy products through Chattanooga such as NMES and Shockwave.

The DJO Global team will be the first to recognise that electrotherapy modalities have been out of favour recently, we will be collaborating with them to bring you regular updates on the latest evidence for modalities that do have a place in clinical practice. DJO Global has a passion for innovation and a sense of urgency to help patients worldwide and through their education arm strive for excellence by sharing knowledge, inspiring the next generation of new thinkers and encouraging others to drive for continuous improvement.  Earlier this week we posted the evidence for shockwave therapy in calcific shoulder tendinopathy in collaboration with DJO Global, you can expect more of these updates at least monthly here on Physiospot

And now for a bit of fun! Check out this video of Garrett McNamara Surfing World Record 90ft Wave wearing a Donjoy brace….

Find out more on their Physiopedia page then take a look around their website or pop over to their social media pages on Facebook or Twitter to say ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’.