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If you’ve already signed up for your Physiopedia membership you’ll have seen the extensive library of clinical assessment and manual therapy techniques that you can access for free.  We have been able to bring you these very useful videos through special arrangement with Clinically Relevant.

We’ve been collaborating with Clinically Relevant for many years now, in fact they were our first partner!  Having always been very impressed by the excellent quality and evidence provided with these videos we were very excited when they agreed to let us use them in our member area.  As a member you will have full access to the CORE and OMT videos on your computer.  Should you wish to easily access them on your mobile device we still recommend that you also purchase the mobile apps (Android or iOS) to enable you to access the techniques quickly, on demand, in the clinic.

A recent article in the Athletic Training Journal of Education has highlighted how effective these apps are at providing students with easy access to practical techniques alongside recent peer-reviewed validity statistics to assist them in making sound clinical decisions.  Not only do they help educators to teach techniques, additionally they are useful for the student revision purposes and also in the clinic on demand.  Students can access the videos produced by Clinically Relevant within our member area, which they can join for a 50% discount.  Educators may also be interested to know that they can arrange access to our member area for all their students at a discounted rate.

Check out this example video:

See more examples of the Clinically Relevant videos here

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