Using clinic management software to evaluate how busy your clinic is.

Do you run your own clinic?  Do you evaluate how busy your practice is? Do you know how your clients find out about you and make the decision to visit you over all the other clinics in the area?  These are important questions to answer as part of developing a busy and successful clinic.  These days it is easy to answer these questions using software to measure workload ratios and utilize this information as key metrics in your marketing strategies.  On a monthly basis, clinics are measuring ROI (return on investment) and referrer statistics. They evaluate the impact of referrers on their sales, evaluate the importance of such referrals and plan activities in order to increase referrals. Whether the referral is from a family physician, specialist, gym, sporting club or a specialized sports equipment store, clinic management software can help you analyze the effectiveness of your campaign, and provide statistics on who is referring to your clinic as well as the revenues generated from those referred clients.

Clinicmaster provides the opportunity to analyze your statistics in this way so that you can focus on specific campaigns, decide on future marketing investments and create referral programs to maximize your advertising dollar.  Most of all, Clinicmaster provides you with tools to keep track, and follow up on your most important referral source – your existing clients!

If you would like to find out more about using clinic management software to evaluate your clinic metrics and generate more referrals the team at Clinicmaster are happy to help.  Contact them for a demo today! (and don’t forget to mention who referred you!)