eFisioTrack: A Telerehabilitation Environment Based on Motion Recognition Using Accelerometry

The increasing demand for physical rehabilitation processes can lead to rising costs and waiting lists, becoming a threat to healthcare services’ sustainability. Telerehabilitation solutions can help with this problem by discharging patients from points of care while improving their adherence to treatment. Sensing devices are used to collect data so that the physiotherapists can monitor and evaluate the patients’ activity in the scheduled sessions. This paper presents a software platform that aims to meet the requirements of the rehabilitation experts and the patients along a physical rehabilitation plan, allowing its use in outpatient scenarios. It is intended to be low-cost and easy-to-use, improving the experience of patients and experts. The authors show the satisfactory results already obtained from its application, in terms of the accuracy evaluating the exercises, and the degree of users’ acceptance. They concluded that this platform is suitable and technically feasible to carry out rehabilitation plans outside the point of care.