Cervical Arterial Dysfunction (CAD) assessment framework – an interview with Roger Kerry

As part of Feb 2014’s monthly learn topic on the cervical spine we were extremely fortunate to be able to record a 30 minute interview with Roger Kerry, Associate Professor at University of Nottingham, about his work and thinking on clinical decision making and the Cervical Arterial Dysfunction (CAD) assessment model. Here we provide a 10 minute section of this interview where Roger describes this very important framework and contrasts it against vertebrobasilar ischaemia (VBI) testing used prior to cervical manipulation.

The full 30 minutes of this interview is provided in the Physiopedia Members Cervical Spine learn topic.

For further information on this topic view the following pages on Physiopedia:

  1. Cervical arterial dysfunction (CAD) model.
  2. International Framework for Examination of the Cervical Region (IFOMPT).

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