Neck pain – research, systematic reviews and the implications for practice – an Interview with Anita Gross

As part of this month’s (Feb 2014) Physiopedia Members Learn Topic on the Cervical Spine we have been very fortunate to be able to record a 40 minute interview with Anita Gross from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Anita coordinates the Cervical Overview Group, a group that conducts and maintains systematic reviews for the Cochrane Collaboration on neck pain. She chairs the Head and Neck, Arm, Hand (HaNSA) Research Group at McMaster University, School of Rehabilitation Sciences. Her most recent work relates to the International Collaboration on Neck (ICON) project – a multidisciplinary group who are synthesizing evidence about the management of neck pain, including practice patterns and opinions from various health disciplines.

You can listen to a 10 minute segment of this interview below in which Anita highlights the key messages for clinicians from her deep understanding of the research around the treatment of neck pain. The audio of the full 40 minute interview is available to Physiopedia Members in the Cervical Spine Learn topic.

Research details

List of Anita’s publications on Pubmed

McMaster University upper limb/neck research theme details

Research Groups

  1. Cervical Overview Group
  2. HaNSA Research Group
  3. International Collaboration on Neck (ICON)

Cervical Overview Group Systematic Reviews

  1. Miller J, Gross A, D’Sylva J, Burnie SJ, Goldsmith CH, Graham N, Haines T, Bronfort G, Hoving JL. Manual therapy and exercise for neck pain. Manual Therapy 2010;15(4):334-54.a
  2. KayTM, Gross A, Goldsmith CH, Hoving JL, Santaguida PL, Rutherford S, McCall R, Voth S, Bronfort G. Exercises for neck pain. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011 (update in progress).
  3. Gross A, Miller J, D’Sylva J, Burnie SJ, Goldsmith CH, Graham N, Haines T, Bronfort G, Hoving JL. Manipulation or mobilization for neck pain: a Cochrane Review. Manual Therapy 2010; 15(4):315-33.

Clinical Tool-kit

  1. Manual Therapy and Exercise for Neck Pain: Clinical Treatment Tool-kit