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It’s the last week of our 50% discount to join up to our NEW Physiopedia member area!  The new Physiopedia member area is distinct from the main Physiopedia website and offers exclusive access to content, learning opportunities and products that we can’t give away for free on the main site.

Joining up now will give you low cost access to our exclusive content and product offers for a full year.  At only $60 (which is around £38 or €45) it is a great opportunity to gain access to free resources, exclusive learning opportunities and exclusive product offers.

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In the member area you can access all of the following:

  • Monthly learn topic with opportunity to gain accreditation for learning
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  • Quizzes to test your knowledge and earn accreditation
  • Resources exclusively offered for members including book chapters and full text journal articles
  • Monthly updates on the latest evidence to be published in each clinical area
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The content of the members area will constantly be growing.  Each month we will add a new learn topic (February it is the cervical spine, March will be psychosocial aspects of pain), new quizzes, extra resources including new book chapters and journal articles, monthly evidence updates and new offers from our product partners.

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