Welcoming Another Year of Collaboration with Erson Religioso.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Erson Religioso for another year.  Erson is a manual therapist, an educator, a blogger and an inventor!  He works at Rose Physical Therapy in New York State and also has several teaching appointments including his own continuing education courses which he delivers worldwide.   This year he’ll be teaching in Brazil, Italy and the Phillipines!  His blog, The Manual Therapist, continues to be a respected source of information which he unrelentingly updates on a daily basis and don’t forget his innovative Edge IASTM tools!

Following in the great company of Roger Kerry and Alan Taylor, Erson has recently signed up to be the Topic Expert for a couple of pages in Physiopedia.  His expert knowledge will  be a great asset to the Temporomandibular Disorders and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization pages.

Of course we always enjoy collaborating with Erson.  Previously we worked together on the blogging team at the IFOMPT conference in Quebec, we reviewed his online IASTM course that he developed with Mike Reinold and we are looking forward to working with him to boost the content within our new member area.

You can thank Erson for his contribution to Physiopedia by visiting his website and connecting with him on Facebook or Twitter. Tell him we said Hi!