Physiopedia Registers as Community Interest Company and Appoints Two New Directors

Since starting back in 2008 we have always advocated the non-profit nature of the Physiopedia project.  Finally in 2013 we were able to raise sufficient funds to formally register as a non-profit organisation in the UK. With the help of Stephen Lloyd, an expert in charitable organisations and social enterprise, Physiopedia was registered as  Community Interest Company (CIC) in June of 2013.  The governance structure continues with co-founders Rachael and Tony Lowe at the helm in addition to which two new Directors have been appointed, Elaine Lonnemann and Michael Rowe.

161px-13821_Elaine_Lonnemann_KY027PT12-webElaine Lonnemann is an Associate Professor in the Physical Therapy program at Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky (USA), secretary of American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy (AAOMPT) and has been involved in Physiopedia since 2009.  Her contributions to and advocacy for the Physiopedia project have been  strong, consistent and supportive and we are looking forward to her continued invaluable advice.

200px-MR_profileMichael Rowe is a physiotherapy educator based at the University of Western Cape in South Africa, recently completed PhD titled Blended learning in physiotherapy education: Designing and evaluating a technology-integrated approach and ran the first ever open online course in Physiopedia in 2013.  His interest in education, technology and open resources fit the Physiopedia project extremely well and we are looking forward to his disruptive ideas!

As a CIC Physiopedia is a community owned project with all funds raised being poured straight back into the project.  YOU, as a member of the international physiotherapy and physical therapy community, own Physiopedia.  We therefore invite you to get involved in our ambitious mission, help us to collaboratively build an amazing resource for our profession!