Introducing Elsevier, our new premium partner

Physiopedia_Partner_BannerAs a regular reader of Physiospot you will know that we greatly appreciate the support that our partners provide in allowing us to keep Physiopedia a free and open resource.  In return we like to present these socially responsible companies to you.  Take a look around their website or pop over to their social media pages to say ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’.

Elsevier, the world’s leading provider of health and science information, joined the team this month as our Premium Partner.  They combine world-class information and innovative tools to help health care professionals make critical decisions, to enhance their productivity and improve their outcomes.

Elsevier’s commitments to making genuine contributions to the science and health communities are strikingly similar to the aims that we have here at Physiopedia.  In Elsevier’s own words they are committed to:

  • World-class Information – we publish trusted, leading-edge information – pushing the frontiers and fuelling a continuous cycle of exploration, discovery and application.
  • Global Dissemination – we disseminate and preserve scientific literature to meet the information needs of the world’s present and future scientists and clinicians – linking thinkers with ideas.
  • Innovative Tools – we develop electronic tools that demonstrably improve the productivity and outcomes of those we serve – we are dedicated to helping them make a difference.
  • Working Together – we work in partnership with the communities we serve to advance scholarship and improve lives. This inter-relationship is expressed in our company’s Latin motto, Non Solus, “not alone”. We are a founding publisher of global programs that provide free or low-cost access to science and health information in the developing world.

Elsevier have a large portfolio of physiotherapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation books and content solutions:

As well as a large portfolio of national and international journals within the physiotherapy/physical therapy and related healthcare professions.

We believe that this is a great partnership that will a great contribution to our mission.  We are very much looking forward to collaborating with Elsevier and collaborating to widening access to physiotherapy and physical therapy knowledge.

Find out more about Elsevier here