Efficacy of Orthoses for Children With Hypotonia

This systematic review of the literature was conducted with the objective of determining the efficacy of orthoses for children with hypotonia and provide a concise summary of the state of the evidence in this area. Fifteen search terms were used to find articles addressing children with hypotonia, orthotic use, and physical therapy. Ten articles met the inclusion criteria, but no level I evidence was found. Data were reported for body structure and activity components, though not for participation outcomes. Current evidence suggests that foot orthoses and supramalleolar orthoses might benefit children with hypotonia; although, the evidence is low level.


This review found that evidence for efficacy of orthoses for children with hypotonia still has gaps with the following questions not yet answered: When is the optimal time to introduce orthoses? Are foot orthoses or supramalleolar orthoses more efficacious? Ought orthoses to be combined with physical therapy?