The holy grail of a Paperless Practice (Part 2)

It’s time to face the music!


So hopefully you’ve had the fun but now it’s time to face the music!

The tree is down, the decorations packed away and you should be quite smug in the fact that you have your TM2 new year’s resolution (a paperless practice) underway. If not, take a look at the previous blog and get cracking, it won’t take long to catch up!

Billing, invoicing, getting paid …. call it what you like but you need to do it. Otherwise the wheels will fall off your hard earned business. As practitioners’ we were never taught this; the very essence of our business the materialistic “thing” that allows us to take care of our patients.  Many practitioners feel awkward about the “money” element, but get this right and your practice will run smoother allowing you more time to get back to doing what you were trained to do …. To look after your patients!

Let’s use the generic term billing to cover the “things” which can make your life easier.

1. Have statements and bills sent to your email address. Embrace internet banking. Save time checking payments received and making payments also! It’s simple but effective!

2. Send invoices electronically. Find out the email address from the companies your work with. I shall show you how to send invoices electronically so that you can save money on postage and stamps (50p per letter for second class!!!) 50 invoices per week = £25 per week = £1,300 per year! See! I’m making your life easier and saving you money !

  • Once you have created an invoice click on the print button.
  • Then select the email option, that will attach a PDF document onto the email which you then send to the group … easy !

3. Start using invoice wizard: save time

4. Sign up for Healthcode: speed up your businesses cash flow.

  • You can use healthcode to send blocks of invoices to insurance groups and speed up your settlement (if you haven’t heard of this please call sales : 033 33 442600, he’ll tell you all about it !).

So, now you know how to cut out the flow of paper both out of and into your clinic …. You are so close to the nirvana of a paperless clinic … just one more step to follow on the next blog …. The biggie you’ve all been waiting for …. Clinical notes !

If you would like to know more about TM2 and how it can help you to achieve the holy grail of a paperless practice contact TM2 on 033 33 442 600 or email [email protected]