Therapeutic options for cervicogenic headache.

The term cervicogenic headache (CeH) refers to a syndrome originating from the cervical spine. There are a variety of therapeutic approaches used for the management of CeH, but there is not much scientific evidence of their effectiveness. No medication drug has proven to be effective. The evidence for greater occipital nerve blocks, cervical nerve blockades, facet joint injections and surgical procedures is limited. Several physical therapy interventions are proposed for CeH, with spinal manipulation and soft tissue interventions being the most frequently used. However, the shortage of solid evidence of positive effects and risks of serious complications for spinal manipulation should be considered in favor of other physical therapy interventions associated with less risk.

The inconsistent results in the literature can be related to the fact that maybe not all therapeutic interventions are suitable for all patients with CeH or maybe not all patients with CeH will benefit from particular interventions.