A video-based learning activity is effective for preparing physiotherapy students for practical examinations.

The purpose of this study was too examine a video-based learning activity for engaging physiotherapy students in preparation for practical examinations and determine student performance outcomes.Physiotherapy students in their first year of a two-year graduate entry program at a tertiary education facility on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia took part in the study. Questionnaire-based surveys and focus groups were employed to examine student perceptions and satisfaction. Surveys were analysed based on the frequency of responses to closed questions made on a 5-pont Likert scale, while a thematic analysis was performed on focus group transcripts. t-Tests were used to compare student awarded marks and examiner awarded marks and evaluate student performance. Sixty-two physiotherapy students participated in the study. Mean response rate for questionnaires was 93% and eight students (13%) participated in the focus group. Participants found the video resources effective to support their learning (98% positive) and rating the video examples to be an effective learning activity (96% positive). Themes emergent from focus group responses were around improved understanding, reduced performance anxiety, and enjoyment. Students were, however, critical of the predictable nature of the example performances. Students in the current cohort supported by the video-based preparation activity displayed greater practical examination marks than those from the previous year who were unsupported by the activity (mean 81.6 SD 8.7 vs. mean 78.1 SD 9.0, p=0.01).


The study found that a video-based learning activity was effective for preparing physiotherapy students for practical examinations and provided the benefits of reduced anxiety and improvements in performance.