The holy grail of a paperless practice

Firstly season’s greetings to you all and if you are managing to have some time off I hope you have an enjoyable break.

As the shops were filled with Christmas cheer in early November I feel it’s only right to mention New Year’s resolutions right now!

If you’re anything like me the prospect of New Year’s resolutions slowly leech the festive joy out of me and usually the pressure of expectation yields to temptation. So each year I try a different approach … recently I’ve been told why not take up something instead of giving something up? What a great idea …. and this year why not start early? This way we can kid ourselves that it’s not actually a new year’s resolution but if quizzed by our helpful friends in January we have a swift answer at hand.

So, here’s my proposal … take up my quest …

The holy grail of a paperless practice (In three simple steps)!

I hear you say that many have sought this grail but no one has found it yet … well like any journey it must start with the first step so here we go !!!  By the way the other steps follow in January and February.

The first Step: Import and scan your documents into TM2


By simply scanning referral letters into the patient letters section you not only reduce the paper floating around your clinic but you save time in finding the right documentation as it’s all located in one place!

Likewise many clinics I visit don’t realise that they can import emails into a patient letters section, for example email referrals from companies such as IPRS, Injury QED etc. Simply save the email to your desktop and then import it into the patient letters section; this way all the communications relating to a patient are in one place.

So there we are, New Year’s resolution sorted!  Look out for the January and February Blogs with topics covering billing and clinical notes!

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