How to understand your Businesses Workflow

By Jeremy Allen, Clinical Consultant at TM2 Practice Management Solutions

So, I’ve been asked to write a blog … oh god I thought … here we go …

I’m not a great fan of blogs, they are often too long and self-serving so I shall try my very best to make this as concise, interesting and most importantly useful for you!

Don’t forget to chalk this down as CPD as well!

So this short blog is going to give you the benefit of my travels over the years delivering TM2 training around the UK and abroad to every type of clinic you can imagine. From one practitioner setups that have grown, to multi location clinics to national chains. Believe it or not you all share the same problems!

The one key ingredient that most clinics are missing is that of truly understanding their businesses workflow. Let me translate for those of you who may not understand what a workflow is in my mind …

A workflow is a term used to describe the tasks, procedural steps, organizations or people involved, required input and output information, and tools needed for each step in a business process.

Let’s put this into real life scenarios by starting with a bad example!

Workflows are why we get bounced around different departments when something goes wrong with NHS, banking or internet providers. They can be an endless maze of frustration for customers; we’ve all been there, it’s terrible! This is definitely not what you want your patients to experience.

So let’s now look at a positive example!

Good customer service has to have sound foundations; these are created by understanding not only your business but your customers. How refreshing is it when you are looked after correctly and effortlessly? It’s amazing!!!! … and what’s more because many other aspects of life (NHS, banking, call centres etc.) are generally terrible at this you can stand out and amaze your patients who we all know are the best source of referral … simple isn’t it ?!!!

So how do you go about becoming a stellar shining example of customer service and a burning beacon of successful, efficient business? How much does this cost I hear you ask? What miracle computer programme do we need to buy? Well I’m glad to say all you need is some paper, a pen and a few hours put aside.

Go lo-tech to start. Write down the patient scenarios in your business and how you currently deal with each of them. Put yourself in the shoes of the patient who pays with their own money and also an insurance patient and see how you can improve their experience from the very first point of contact to discharge and follow up. Once you have this written down you can set to work on improving these points not just once but as you now have a frame work you can review them as often as you like. In my experience clients are often surprised what comes up!

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