Journal of Physiotherapy Adopts Open Access

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has announced that from 2014, the Journal of Physiotherapy will be adopting an online open-access model. Physiopedia has promoted the open access model at length since it’s creation in 2008, the team here are all very excited that the APA has come to this decision.

Publication models haven’t changed in the 60 year life of the Journal and in order to continue to deliver results in this fast-paced technologically-driven environment, a new model becomes imperative. We are living in the ‘digital age’ and more and more people are relying solely on the internet to access research and information. Therefore, the benefits of converting to an online model are endless. It ensures that articles are searchable and permits for anyone to access the Journal’s research from anywhere in the world, thus increasing readership exponentially.

‘The online model will not only open up current research to the public, but archive articles will be easy to find and access. Journal of Physiotherapy is facilitating the spread of physiotherapy related knowledge and research throughout the world, which is truly special,’ APA CEO Cris Massis said.

Even further advantages of the online model include its ecological benefits. Incredible environmental efforts are being made across the globe, all encouraging people  to ‘go green.’  By having a paper copy available to members by request only, there is a great reduction the amount of paper  being used and wasted, and subsequently making a valuable contribution to the Australian environment.

Until now, the Journal’s content has only been available to paying subscribers, significantly limiting the Journal’s readership. However major research funding bodies are now requiring that authors grant open access so that publicly funded research is available to all. What is more, open access, at no cost for authors, should encourage more researchers to publish their findings with Journal of Physiotherapy, giving our readers superior ground-breaking content. This new model will not only increase readership, but the Journal will be able to publish the highest quality research articles.

At Physiopedia, we congratulate and thank you on this innovative move.  It is a great step forward for our profession.

Update 18th October 2013

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