Guidelines and pitfalls for the rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy.

Guidelines for post hip arthroscopy rehabilitation have been put forth in the literature with common themes made up of initial protection, restoration of lumbo-pelvic stability, neuromuscular re-education, and return to sport training. The authors’ intention for this review was to present hip arthroscopy guidelines in 4 phases and to address common pitfalls that may delay the rehabilitative process. The goal of phase 1 should be to protect healing tissues through activity modifications. Phase 2 aims to restore the patient to pain-free community ambulation without compensation or irritation. A review of hip muscular actions during gait is presented to guide exercise progressions during this phase. Phase 3 ought to reestablish neuromuscular control through strength and endurance training to provide the foundation for return to functional activities or sports training progressions. The final phase of rehabilitation is focused on reestablishing power, speed, agility, and skill for advanced sports and advanced functions.