Safe manual handling in your hands!

This app offers videos that demonstrate a best practice approach to safer manual handling. It demonstrates effective manual handling techniques for lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling most loads safely and easily.  Developed by SHRC  the App is based on a training DVD which was developed with the assistance of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP).

A simple app with 6 short videos totalling 15 minutes in length takes the user through the basic components of manual handling.  For clinicians it could be considered a great answer to a quick refresher in manual handling.  For your patients it is a good place to introduce them to the fundamentals of safe manual handling.  Great for your low back pain patients and perfectly suited for ergonomic advice. Watch anytime, anywhere.

Details of the App can be found on the Apple iOS App store:

Stratified Care for Low Back Pain

In this short online course review and learn to apply the stratified care for low back pain and Patient Prognosis Subgrouping using the STarT Back approach.


Paul Mentor

Wow this looks like a great little app! Quite handy when I am using it to remind me before my manual handling lessons haha Does it get updated regularly updated?

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