Self-Management and Rehabilitation in Osteoarthritis: Is There a Place for Internet-Based Interventions?

The authors searched the electronic databases of Cochrane, MEDLINE, and SCOPUS to gather evidence on the impact of community-based Internet interventions for adult patients with osteoarthritis (OA) on health outcomes. Five studies met their review criteria. They discovered that Internet-based OA self-management interventions modestly but substantially improved four of six health status measures compared with usual care and have been met with high acceptance and high user satisfaction. Preventive physiotherapy exercise delivered via videoconferencing for individuals with OA-related knee pain significantly improved health measures including pain, stiffness, and physical function compared with the initial health status. Postoperative rehabilitation performed by a physical therapist via videoconferencing and “in-person” produced comparable  health measure improvements.

The findings of their review show that the Internet may be successfully used as a means for providing community-based self-management and rehabilitation interventions in OA.