ARhT: a portable hand therapy system.

This paper introduces ARhT (Automated Relearning hand Therapy), a portable hand therapy system that makes it possible a user to perform physical therapy in the comfort of their own home. This reduces rehabilitation time, improves the user experience, lowers cost and provides accountability to physical therapy sessions. ARhT complements traditional therapy methods by interacting with the user in real time and providing patient user friendly instructions, feedback, and progress tracking. The therapist can pre-select the hand gestures that comprise every workout and can view session information on a patient to patient basis within a standalone web application. ARhT incorporates a data acquisition subsystem which houses EMG sensors and a custom computation and communication board. The sensor data is transmitted to an Android smartphone that determines the user performance and interacts with the user through a graphical user interface.

Their results have shown that their system recognizes hand therapy gestures with greater than 95%