Incorporate Pilates Into Your Practice.

Do you incorporate Pilates in your practice? Are you aware of the mutually beneficial relationship between Pilates and more traditional forms of physical therapy? To help you explore this subject, EDUCATA are putting the limelight on their Introduction to Rehabilitation Pilates course by providing it at a special discount of 25%.

This course is specifically designed to give the physical therapist an introduction to history and evolution of Pilates as it relates to the field of rehabilitation. It will also discuss the fundamental principles that guide the movement sequencing on the Pilates apparatus and mat work. Lastly, this course will focus on rehabilitation populations that can benefit from therapists that incorporate Pilates into their tool bag and will use these specific populations to demonstrate the benefits of the equipment and exercises.

The course is taught the Dr Brent Anderson, a licensed physical therapist and orthopedic certified specialist for more than 15 years, Dr. Anderson is a leading authority in performing arts medicine and Pilates-evolved techniques for rehabilitation. He lectures widely at national and international symposia and consults with physical therapy companies, universities and other educational bodies throughout the world. In addition, he owns and operates one of the nation’s most comprehensive Pilates conditioning and physical therapy centers. This highly successful studio has become the model for many other Pilates studios worldwide.

Normally priced at $59.90, it’s now available for $44.90. It’s a great opportunity to learn about this important subject and earn a couple of CEs in the process! Click here to purchase and use coupon code SEPT2013 at checkout.