Robosuit Cleared in Europe for Lower Body Rehab

Cyberdyne-HALJapanese company Cyberdyne has received CE Marking in Europe to begin clinical trials of its HAL robotic exoskeleton, according to the NIKKEI news agency. There are a few hundred HALs used in Japan’s rehab centers and available for lease or to purchase, and Cyberdyne will supply about a dozen of the devices to Bergmannsheil, a German hospital group, to use in a rehab study of 100 patients.

HAL has the potential to help patients post stroke or with other debilitating conditions to walk, climb stairs, and perform tasks that their otherwise weak legs would have trouble with. HAL can run in an automatic mode, moving on its own, or in a more controlled mode that’s more responsive to the way the user wants to run it. The battery may last close to three hours, depending on utilization, which should be sufficient since it is currently envisioned for use in rehab facilities and not to be taken home for daily use.

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Sai Kishore
Sai Kishore
August 14, 2013 at 3:31 am

Nice invention! This reminds me of the ‘Penguin Suit’ used for Astronauts. I am interested to know how the fatigue factor would be addressed if this is used on people with para/hemi/quadriplegia.

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