The Injured Golfer: Address Posture-Getting Started Right

By Maurie Steinley, PT, DSc, SCS

…When working with golfers, which may be a new topic to some of you, we always need to make it clear with golfers, our patients and clients that we are not golf professionals. We are experts in the science of movement. What I mean is that we are looking at them to see if their body can do what is required to get in the proper address. Do they have restrictions? Do they have weaknesses that will affect this? While in the golf posture, as we will talk about today, we do address the golf posture, but always from the side point of injury prevention. Most of these people, and we will talk a little about performance today, have been injured either on the golf course or bothered by it during their golf. This is the approach we take. As you start to work with these populations, you will find they think we are golf pros or asking us how they can correct their slice, how can I correct this, and how can I correct that. Our job is to make sure that their body is moving properly, not to make them have a better swing. That is the golf pro’s job. We will discuss that more as well. To read more, click here.

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