Great New Project with Physical Therapy Central

We are excited to let you all know about a new educational partnership with Physical Therapy Central (PTC), a clinic established in 2004 with nine privately owned outpatient facilities across Oklahoma. Led by Bridgit Finley, the project uses space in Physiopedia to create a resource page designed for the PTC physical therapy interns.  It is a dedicated student learning portal the interns can find information relating to their clinical placement and the knowledge that they need.   This project will be ongoing and PTC faculty will continue to add resources.

If you are about to start a clinical education rotation with Physical Therapy Central, then this is the place to start.  The content on this page will contain the basis information that you will be required to know when you begin your roation as well as a resource for future learning and colloboration.  The long term students will be required to post their case studies as well as the other projects that they complete.  This project is a work in progress so keep checking back to be updated and informed.