Welcoming Movement Performance Solutions as a new Double Silver Sponsor!

Physiopedia is a registered non-profit organisation in the UK.  As such we partner with socially responsible physiotherapy and physical therapy related organisations from all around the world to support us in our mission of providing universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.  In return for their support we like to present these organisations to you and ask you to spend a few moments reading about them, liking them on Facebook and connecting with them on Twitter.  Let them know that how grateful we are for helping us to keep the Physiopedia project alive, we could not do it without them!

Our latest sponsor is Movement Performance Solutions who through innovative and evidence-based solutions, educate and train sports, health and fitness professionals to better understand, prevent and manage musculoskeletal injury and pain that can impair movement and compromise performance in their patients, players and clients.  Their two offerings deliver comprehensive systems for physiotherapists, physical and manual therapists and other health professionals dealing with active individuals and athletes and/or patients with pain and disablement.

the performance matrix

The Performance Matrix is a movement optimisation and injury prevention platform.  As a powerful movement screening and training system it allows you to improve movement efficiency, optimise musculoskeletal health, reduce injury risk and enhance performance in athletes and all active individuals.  The Performance Matrix Platform consists of three key areas collaborating to achieve the highest possible standard of service to the user and provide effective, visible results for their clients: movement screen, training modules and a client focused exercise catalogue.  Don’t accept injury, sign up to The Performance Matrix Platform and make preventable injuries a thing of the past!

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kinetic controlAlso from Movement Performance Solutons is Kinetic Control, a solutions for managing movement.  Build on your current evidence based practice to effectively manage pain improve function, correct impairments and prevent recurrence.   Kinetic Control delivers an established evidence based and evolving system for movement analysis and management of uncontrolled movement. For physiotherapists, physical and manual therapists and other health professionals dealing with patients with pain and disablement; this series of courses and education products can help you manage uncontrolled movement.

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