OrthoSensor Verasense Helps Surgeons Perfect Total Knee Replacements

VERASENSEVerasense, an electronic wireless sensor used in place of tibial trial spacers during total knee replacement procedures to help guarantee proper alignment and balance, has been given clearance for use. The device, which is compatible with a number of implants on the market, provides real-time feedback on its orientation and soft tissue balance as the new knee is being positioned.

Verasense utilizes advanced, proprietary sensor and communications technologies to give surgeons real-time feedback on limb alignment, implant position and soft tissue balance during knee replacement. By delivering this dynamic, quantitative data, the device empowers surgeons to make evidence-based decisions regarding component placement, limb alignment and soft tissue balance to optimize clinical outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction. It enables surgeons, for the first time, to rapidly make a total kinetic (force and motion) assessment of knee function and make adjustments to achieve balance and stability through a full range of motion.

Has anyone seen this in use?