WCPT makes call for focused symposia for congress in Singapore 2015

Congress_recordings_photo2The International Scientific Committee (ISC) of the WCPT Congress 2015 is now inviting proposals for focused symposia.  The focused symposia are one-and-a-half hour sessions led by a convenor who is a recognised expert in their field. The sessions represent a unique opportunity to lead a group of international researchers, from at least 3 WCPT regions, through a series of linked evidence based presentations. They provide a forum where cutting edge topics can be explored and debated with an international audience.

Dolly Swisher, a focused symposium convenor at the WCPT congress in 2011, sums up this unique opportunity: “You are seldom more aware of the basic assumptions underlying your scholarship as when you are in dialogue with others around the globe who may not share the same cultural, philosophical, religious, or policy assumptions. This process is truly horizon-expanding.”

The submission deadline for focused symposium proposals is 30th September 2013.