Prescribing Rights in Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy

physiotherapy prescribing drugsRecent developments in the extended scope of the physiotherapist and physical therapist are moving towards prescribing rights for our profession.  Following a lengthy campaigning by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in July 2012 in a ground-breaking change to their role Physiotherapists in the UK were given new responsibilities to independently prescribe medicines to their patients.  The Australian Physiotherapy Association is now working to develop a similar model prescribing pathway. In preparation for this evolved role in Australia an article has been published that summarises the current evidence base for Australian physiotherapists seeking to obtain prescribing rights.  Many lessons can be learnt from the literature, including the importance of planned, uniform National action (rather than piecemeal state-by-state initiatives). Essential elements include appropriate training and skills-based recognition within the discipline and the broader health team, and the need to overtly demonstrate effectiveness and safety. Regularly-evaluated service-delivery models which support non-medical prescribing by physiotherapists are further required, to demonstrate efficiency, timeliness, patient centredness and equity.

Of interest in relation to the professions extended scope into prescribing four studies were published last month.  Is it time to become more involved in pharmacology?

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