Collect Professional Development Badges at Physiopedia

Physiopedia’s new Badges project is offering the opportunity to collect badges that evidence your involvement, learning and development with Physiopedia.

Never has it been more important for physiotherapy and physical therapy practitioners to be able to demonstrate their continuing education and and professional development.  The internet has presented many new opportunities for learning and development outside of our local regions.  We are now able to take online courses, read for credit, volunteer, get involved in professional issues, communicate and network without leaving the ‘office’.  Physiopedia is a project that offers all of these opportunities and also invites people to get involved as a volunteer.

But how can we prove our contributions and evidence our online learning at Physiopedia?  This Badges project offers a new and innovative approach to recognising achievement and personal development for physiotherapists and physical therapists. Badges are awarded for personal accomplishments in meeting each badges’ specific requirements.  By earning badges you can prove your skills to employers and display them on your CV, portfolio or website.

Check out all the badges you could earn at Physiopedia!

At this stage you can gain badges for volunteering, contributing, sponsoring and learning, and we are creating new badges all the time.  But what do you do with your badge?  Badges awarded by Physiopedia make you stand out from the crowd so why not tell everyone about it!   There are several ways that you can use your badges:

  • Add to your Physiopedia profile
  • Display on your own website or blog
  • Share on your social media network
  • Reference in your CV or portfolio

We are currently awarding badges so if you think that you have already achieved the requirements to be awarded a badge please do let us know.  We’re very excited to announce this new opportunity to use Physiopedia for your learning and development.  Badges is just the start, we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you more innovative continuing education and professional development opportunities, stay tuned…!

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