Congratulations to New Maitland Concept Instructors

International Maitland Teachers Association
Congratulations to Michi Neubauer, Mathew Newton, Philip Ritt and Stefan Schiller who have qualified as tutors from the Switzerland-based International Maitland Teachers’ Association (IMTA).  The seven-year postgraduate course offered by the IMTA is based on a concept by Australian physiotherapist Geoffrey Maitland developed in the 1950s. It is a form of physiotherapy carried out by specially trained and highly qualified physiotherapists involving detailed examination, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions which cause pain and movement problems.  The final examinations were held at the Postgraduate Study Centre in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland by IMTAs examination board which was made up of Pieter Westerhuis, Gerti Bucher-Dollenz und Elly Hengeveld. The final Examinations included clinical, theoretical and educational components.

Mathew Newton who follows in the footsteps of two UK physios who were IMTA  instructors – CSP fellow Peter Wells, who is now retired, and Kevin Banks, who died last November after a short illness said: ‘It is a very lengthy and sometimes stressful process, and initially I thought the seven years was too long, but after completing the programme I can now understand how the system ensures a good quality product at the end.’

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