Physical therapy management of female chronic pelvic pain: Anatomic considerations

Image courtesy of Primal Pictures

The multisystem nature of female chronic pelvic pain (CPP) makes this condition a challenge for physical therapists and other health care providers to manage. This full text article by George, Clinton and Borello-France in the January edition of Clinical Anatomy , a special issue on the female patient, uses a case scenario to illustrate commonly reported somatic, visceral, and neurologic symptoms and their associated health and participation impact in a female with CPP. Differential diagnosis of pain generators requires an in-depth understanding of possible anatomic and physiologic contributors to this disorder. This article provides a detailed discussion of the relevant clinical anatomy with specific attention to complex interrelationships between anatomic structures potentially leading to the patient’s pain. In addition, it describes the physical therapy management specific to this case, including examination, differential diagnosis, and progression of interventions.

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See the Clinical Anatomy special issue on the female patient

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