Bigger Things for Physiopedia in 2013

Happy New Year from Physiopedia! I know that the new year is well under way and I’m perhaps a bit late in my message but we’ve been busy rounding up 2012 and making our plans for 2013.  There is no other way to say it but this last year has been an amazing period in Physiopedia’s life. With your help we have created a sustainable project for our profession that is experiencing phenomenal growth.  We can now say that we are confident that Physiopedia is here to stay, to offer you a valued community resource and to contribute to improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge (and a few other little initiatives, more on that later…).

During 2012 Physiopedia has:

  • experienced increased engagement to reach around 120,000 unique visitors from over 200 countries each month.
  • supported 18 educational projects from around the world.
  • partnered with IFOMPT at their congress to promote knowledge transfer.
  • promoted the physiotherapy and physical therapy profession on a global scale.
  • provided universal access to our growing body of knowledge.
Physiopedia visitor growth in 2012
Graph demonstrating the growth in the number of visitors to Physiopedia each week.

We couldn’t have achieved this without YOU.  By contributing content, updating a page, retweeting a tweet, telling someone about us, running a project, sponsoring us, even just looking up a page to further your knowledge, all of you have made a difference.  For that we are grateful, THANK YOU.  But hey, stop and think for a minute if every single physiotherapist or physical therapist in the world did just one of these things for us, or perhaps a few….. just think what we could achieve  with Physiopedia for our profession. Hmm I can feel a challenge coming on……

More on that later, lets get back to what we are planning for 2013.  We aim to:

  • formally register Physiopedia as a non-profit organisation with appropriate governance structures
  • continue to support and increase educational projects active within Physiopedia
  • increase the number of pages and quality of the content in Physiopedia
  • formalise a supported and rewarded volunteer program
  • initiate developments to provide a structure for continued education and professional development through Physiopedia
  • continue to support our sponsors through our website, social media marketing avenues and other collaborations
  • increase the global impact that Physiopedia has through increasing user numbers

We hope that you feel that these are appropriate aims for OUR Physiopedia community project.  Yes I say our because we’re all in this together, I can’t do it on my own, I can’t do it with the help of just a few people but if we all team up, do our little bit, we WILL have an amazing resource to match our amazing profession. Your  feedback and ideas are always welcome and we are open to any other suggestions that you feel Physiopedia might benefit from or that we might be able to help you with, just get in touch, we’re all ears!!

So that’s it from me for now but watch this space for those 2013 initiatives and challenges, coming up soon….

Best wishes for 2013, lets make it amazing!