International Education Guidelines Shaping the Physiotherapy Profession

Physical therapists from around the world heard about the impact that WCPT education policies are having on the development of the profession at the European Physiotherapy Education Congress, held in Vienna, Austria, in November.  The congress, organised by Physio Austria, the Association of Austrian Physiotherapists, on behalf of WCPT’s European Region, attracted 587 delegates from 48 countries. The theme was “Advancing the Professional Profile”, with a focus on continuing professional development as a means of promoting evidence based physiotherapy. Speakers examined innovative ways in which to continue professional development throughout the career.“There were a lot of common issues between countries, so this was a chance to share solutions,” says Tracy Bury, WCPT’s Professional Policy Director, who attended the event.

Speakers from some countries talked about their struggles to raise standards in the profession, and how they had tried to work with government to improve the core curriculum of physical therapy education. There was information on how WCPT education policies can help in such situations at a WCPT symposium, chaired by the Confederation’s President Marilyn Moffat, and with contributions from Tracy Bury and Executive Committee members Margot Skinner and Emma Stokes. Joyce Mothabeng, WCPT Executive Committee member for Africa, was scheduled to speak, but unable to attend. The session explained how the policies had been developed, and how they could be used as a framework for building national plans.

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WCPT’s education policies and guidelines