Welcoming EDUCATA to the Physiopedia Team!

We would like to welcome EDUCATA as a new Silver Sponsor to the Physiopedia team.  Our readers know Physiopedia as an innovative project that supports the free dissemination of knowledge and collaboration within the global physiotherapy profession. Our sponsors know us as that too and it is thanks to the support of our valued sponsors that this we can continue to bring you this free resource.  In return we like to introduce our sponsors to our readers and let them know a little more about who they are and what they do.

EDUCATA online physiotherapy educationEDUCATA offers a wide range of online courses in many different specialities and an independent survey found EDUCATA to be the leading independent online provider of physical therapy continuing education. It uses an interactive Web 2.0 platform to deliver a unique learning experience where the student interacts with the platform via audio and visual presentations given by internationally recognized, award-winning educators. All courses are evidenced-based and lectures cover a broad spectrum of clinical subjects, from orthopaedics and pulmonology to geriatrics and oncology, as well as business topics for the independent practice owner. Students are awarded certificates of completion as proof of learning for states that require continuing education credits for license renewal purposes.

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