New Stability and Stretching Exercise Modules from PhysioTools

PhysioTools, a Physiopedia Gold Sponsor, is launching two new products at the Medica Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany from 14th – 17th November.  PhysioTools are celebrating 25 years of exercise excellence with their partners and resellers at Medica this year and are looking forward to their next 25 years of success.  With PhysioTools you can create high quality personalised exercise and information handouts. Select from the world’s largest professional exercise library and print in multiple languages. They will be showcasing the new Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control module from Mark Comerford and the Stretching Exercises module developed by The Fit for Life Program.

PX57 Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control by Mark Comerford Contains 687 colour photographs & 14 protocols


This product includes evidence-based exercises and is a major addition to a larger library of dynamic stability/kinetic control modules. It has been compiled to help the therapist provide clear, precise and detailed instruction on movement control retraining to treat musculo-skeletal pain and uncontrolled movement (UCM).

Exercises are developed around the Kinetic ControlTM process of movement assessment and movement control retraining. The product is highly recommended for anyone who has attended any of the Kinetic Control Movement Solution courses or anyone using movement control training strategies to manage musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

The concept of dynamic stability of the movement system and principles and strategies of correction of uncontrolled movement is an ongoing process of development. It is based on clinical application and research information from several sources. It has been designed for use by the therapist who wishes to use movement control concepts to retrain dynamic stability function.

Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control Product Card

Stretching Exercises by The Fit for Life Program 209 colour photographs

This Stretching Exercises product includes clear pictures and texts showing different stretching techniques. It also includes stretching routines for power stretching (yoga), stretching for skiers, partner stretching and chair exercises that are suitable for the elderly and also for workplace exercise breaks.

The Fit for Life Program (KKI in Finnish) is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The program inspires adults over the age of 40 to include physical activity in their daily routines. The program creates physical activity services that are easily available and suitable for the middle-aged and senior population.

The stretching exercises product has been designed by Anne Soini, Master of Science in Sport Science. She has been the field manager for the Fit for Life Program. Soini has also authored and co-authored several books, designed many exercise programs and she is well known on Finnish television programs for hosting, designing and performing exercises. She has also been a successful and versatile competing athlete.

If you’re around at the Medica conference from 14th – 17th November, be sure to call by the PhysioTools booth J39 in Hall 4 to get a demo! 

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