The International Collaboration on Neck Invites You to Participate in a Survey on Neck Pain

In relation the the work that has been done on the recently published Neck Pain Clinical Toolkit and Patient Decision Aid, the International Collaboration on Neck (ICON) invites you to participate in a survey on neck pain the results of which will be published in scientific journals. ICON is a multidisciplinary, academic-based, research group synthesising evidence on the management of neck pain.  They are collecting information about practice patterns and opinions from various health disciplines and different countries on these clinical subtasks related to neck pain: Assessment/Diagnosis, Treatment—Pharmacological & Psychological Interventions, Treatment—Physical Medicine & Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The first completed survey on Prognosis has been accepted for publication by The Open Orthopaedics Journal (an open-access journal).  A brief summary of the prognosis survey results has also been published in Spineline, the North American Spine Society’s newsmagazine (Citation: Walton DM, MacDermid JC, Lomotan M, Santaguida PL, Gross A, Carlesso C. Survey Summary:  Adverse Events and Prognosis in Neck Pain.  Spineline 2012;13:26-27).

To take part in this survey click on the links below, each section will take approximately 15 minutes to complete:
  1. Assessment/Diagnosis
  2. Treatment—Pharmacological & Psychological Interventions
  3. Treatment—Physical Medicine & Complementary and Alternative Medicine

This project is funded by CIHR and has received Ethics Approval by McMaster University.  To participate, please e-mail Margaret Lomotan at [email protected]