Improving Human Lives … Those of our Patients, of Each Other and our Greater Community.

The Jackson ClinicsThanks to our sponsors we are able to bring Physiopedia and all it’s physiotherapy and physical therapy knowledge resource to you and all free of charge!  We are eternally grateful to all those who contribute to the Physiopedia project and like to give a little something back to those who make these contributions.  Please allow us to introduce The Jackson Clinics to you who continues to be a Gold Sponsor of Physiopedia into 2013.

The mission of The Jackson Clinics is to improve human lives … those of our patients, of each other and our greater community.  They seek to be a model practice in all respects; including clinical care, research, education, and service. One major goal that they have is to be a learning organisation where everyone is involved in making the business and the profession of physiotherapy better. They aim to develop a free flow of ideas and information that improves the business & methods to respond and act on new ideas throughout the organisation and profession. They aim to be an organization that learns and encourages learning in itself and in its staff.

Of sponsoring Physiopedia The Jackson Clinics state that “Physiopedia directly reflects our mission, vision and goals.  It creates an avenue for our staff to contribute to the profession on a global scale and encourages collaboration and accountability that enhances their professional development.  We believe that Physiopedia has the potential to achieve great things, and we want to support them in their effort.”

Of their experience of sponsoring Physiopedia the team at The Jackson Clinics report that they have had a “very positive” experience. Their residents have created articles and contributed content, which reportedly has significantly enhanced their learning experience.  These articles are a great contribution and a fine example of an educational project for post graduate continuing professional development.  They go on to say that they “have observed Physiopedia’s growth and development over the past year, and feel good that we have contributed to it in some small way.  We have renewed our sponsorship and support for 2013, which speaks to our happiness with our experience in 2012.”

We are very grateful to the support that The Jackson Clinics have given Physiopedia and enjoy collaborating with this like minded organisation to empower physiotherapists and physical therapists world wide. With our sponsors support and with your contributions, together we can bring universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.

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