Psoas Major: Uncovering the Evidence – Online Course

Our News MPS eLearning platform now available with an interactive module ’Psoas Major: Uncovering the Evidence’.  This webinar details the latest evidence on this controversial muscle and discusses it’s real function

  • Psoas is not an effective hip flexor
  • There is almost no evidence for psoas being short
  • It does not produce anterior tilt of the pelvis (instead it produces posterior tilt)
  • It does not produce significant movement in the spine
  • It has a significant stability role for the lumbar spine, the sacro-iliac joint and the hip
  • It is inhibited in the presence of pain
  • It is easily retrained

This presentation details a process for reviewing muscle function and dysfunction based on analysis of:

  • muscle structure and anatomy
  • biomechanical potential
  • neurophysiology of muscle recruitment
  • evidence of consistent changes related to pathological states

Muscle functional roles are defined in terms of local or global motor recruitment and in terms of potential for stabiliser or mobiliser function.

Psoas major has more than one functional role. It is a multi-tasking muscle and the evidence to support the ‘real’ functional roles of psoas major at the lumbar spine, the sacro-iliac joint and the hip joint are detailed. Strategies for retraining psoas function are presented.

Psoas has been convicted of crimes against stability on circumstantial evidence. The case against it has been reviewed it has been cleared of all charges.

Tutor: Mark Comerford

Date: Online

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £70

Venue: online


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