Manual Therapy for the Upper Cervical Spine – 29 Oct – Coventry,UK

The manual therapy course will cover the anatomical and functional basis to the evaluation and management of upper cervical spine disorders. Of special interest will be evidence-based clinical practice, emphasizing precise clinical examination, evaluation, interpretation, differential diagnosis and treatment. This course will be conducted in lecture, tutorial and workshop format for the clinician who is interested in the management of upper cervical spine disorders using an eclectic, evidence-based, manual therapy approach. It is anticipated that the course content will be suitable to individuals who are seeking new knowledge, to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and to those individuals seeking the stimulation of clinical interaction. Whilst the course will be presented at a high level this should not be seen as a barrier to participation for those with little or with no previous experience in this special area. As a result of attending the course it is anticipated that participants will gain personal satisfaction in a variety of ways which will enhance their individual requirements. There are therefore no pre-requisites for participation.

Tutor: Toby Hall

Date: Monday 29th October 2012

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £110 MACP Member, £120 non-members

Venue: Coventry University

Location: Coventry

Contact Name: Terry Smith

Contact Phone: 01202 706161

Contact Email: [email protected]

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