Looking for Clinically Relevant Apps to Aid your Clinical Practice? Look No Further!

Clinically RelevantThanks to our sponsors we are able to bring Physiopedia and all it’s physiotherapy and physical therapy knowledge resource to you and all free of charge!  We are eternally grateful to all those who contribute to the Physiopedia project and like to give a little something back to those who make these contributions.  Please allow us to introduce you to Clinically Relevant who continues to be a Gold Sponsor of Physiopedia into 2013.

Clinically Relevant’s mission is to provide tools that enable evidence-based practice at the point of patient care.  Because smartphones and tablets are becoming mainstay and clinicians usually have these on them or in close proximity, this is a perfect platform.  They strive to continue not only developing more clinically relevant tools, but also to keep our current offering up to date and improving current features, so ultimately the clinician always has relevant and current tools at their dispense.

Clinically Relevant offers tools that physiotherapists can use in the clinic, the information in which is hopefully a helpful and often sought reference for patient care.  They take information taken from journal articles, which many don’t have institutional access to, and try to break them down and pull out the relevant information that can make an impact and guide decisions.  The team at Clinically Relevant hope that their tools can help empower physiotherapists to stand as strong clinicians, be able to use the evidence to support their clinical decisions and indirectly allow them to engage with other healthcare providers in a professional manner.

About sponsoring Physiopedia they say “Physiopedia is growing in both scope and footprint, has a great education mission, and a vision to reach and empower physical therapists internationally.  Ultimately this is a similar mission to ours and one we certainly want to encourage and support.”  We concur and enjoy collaborating with like minded organisations to empower physiotherapists and physical therapists world wide. With our sponsors support and with your contributions, together we can bring universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.

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