The Pain Section is Taking Shape Thanks to the PPA

Physiotherapy Pain Association project in PhysiopediaThe PPA Project has got underway and is helping us to structure the Pain section.  The Physiotherapy Pain Association (PPA) is the Professional Network of the UK`s Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and part of its recently formed NeuroMusculoskeletal Alliance. Under the leadership of Martin Hey this project is supervising development of the Physiopedia Pain section.  Initially using the guidance of the new IASP Curriculum Outline on Pain for Physical Therapy the project hopes to give the Pain section a good structure which will be followed by content population.

“As a project-in-development we intend to populate the site with practical, credible and thought-provoking information on the science of pain, its assessment and management. Much of our direction will be guided by the new IASP Curriculum Outline on Pain for Physical Therapy.  We very much hope you will watch this space over the coming months and beyond and ultimately find it a useful point of reference…..and if you do, we hope you will guide colleagues towards it!”, said Martin Hey, Chair of the PPA.

So if all you people out there with a particular interest in Pain Management would like to join forces with the creation of this global pain resource don’t hesitate to get in touch and join our Pain Team!

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